Colonial Folk Art Studio & Gallery

Book Binding Services

We offer a variety of binding services that can transform your manuscripts, playbills, thesis, dissertation, term paper, etc. into a hardbound book.

Depending upon your choices of materials and “bells and whistles,” this can be more affordable than you think. Leather is more than cloth but bonded leather may be a great compromise!

We can help talk you through the costs and advantages and disadvantages of different materials. Each item is handcrafted and custom bound. There are no fancy binding machines or other things that require setup costs. This saves you money, but it also limits the number of items we can do at a time – or at least the time required to produce a finished book.

Each item is different and requires different materials and amounts of time, so call us at 757-941-8926 or come by the 110 Bacon Avenue location. Our most common items to bind are unpublished manuscripts (dissertations, etc.) and playbills. We will also convert softback books into hardback books. This is especially nice for books that were never published in hardback or are no longer available in hardback.