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Antiquarian: Refers to antiquities and collectible items usually considered old and rare, usually in reference to books.

Colonial Folk Art considers books printed in the past 100 years to be antiquated. More than 99 percent of the books we carry are antiquated and we do not carry modern reproductions of books.

We do, on occasion, have books that aren’t 100 years old.  Those few exceptions are normally rare, first editions of vintage classics (e.g. Gone with the Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird).

The condition of our books often reflects their age, i.e. there will often be age spotting, yellowing, cover wear, spine degeneration, etc.  We try to get books in good condition, but we also like to keep our prices low.  Oftentimes, books in excellent condition are far too expensive for most collectors to purchase.  We would rather get a title in fair condition and be able to sell it affordably than buy an expensive one in near-perfect condition and have to charge high prices for it.

And that leads to a unique service we provide.  While we try to get books in good condition and most of our books are in their original, aged condition, we often acquire books that are not so healthy.  Sometimes they have spines missing, binding fraying, covers torn, or boards removed or missing.  For these items, we professionally restore, repair, preserve or even rebound them. We try to do this in an economical way to keep costs down but provide a book that will last for many years to come.

To learn more about our book conservation services, please visit our Book Conservation page.

Antiquated Books - Written History