Colonial Folk Art Studio & Gallery

Lithographs & Etchings - History with a View

We offer a wide variety of lithographs and etchings spanning from the early 1700s to the late 1800s. Some of our lithographs and etchings, including the hand-colored Audubon engravings from the first octavo edition, are rare and very collectable.  Some are portraits or contain great scenes from history or nature.

Many of our lithographs and ethchings are archivally framed -- a must for anything made of any kind of paper.  

Although some of our lithographs and engravings are rare and collectable, doesn't mean they aren't affordable.  Many, especially those that are unframed, can range from less than $20 to $100.  This opens the door for aspiring collectors to start their collections.

Over time, we will add items to allow for direct sales of items from the website.  In the meantime, please visit our location at 110 Bacon Avenue, Williamsburg, Va.  If you are looking for a specific engraving or lithograph or specific portrait or subject, we will gladly try to aquire it for you.