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Antiquated Maps - Graphic History


When the U.S. War Department began to issue its 70 volume set of records generated by both the Union and Confederate Armies, it also created the “Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies” from 1890-1895.  The plates were only sent to government institutions; they were not sold to the public.

Its 175 plates contain more than 1,000 maps, illustrations, and diagrams detailing battlefield maps, scenes from the conflict, and military equipment. 

The maps were drawn during the war by engineers, draftsmen, and sometimes even generals themselves for actual military use. Tactical and strategic maps indicate troop disposition; defense lines, redoubts, and fortifications of key sites are clearly shown. Terrain maps often contain picket positions, signal stations, and lines of march. Some are rough sketches, some cartographic masterpieces.

All are informative and reveal the knowledge - or lack of knowledge - that both sides possessed about the terrain, and the strength and the position of opposing troops.

Plates not already framed are  

16.5" X 27"

We will have any place archivally custom framed and matted for the cost of framing -- no "upcharge" for the service.

Looking for a specific BATTLE, TOWN, PLACE, ETC. that may be included in one of the plates?

These universities have searchable, high-resolution images:

University of Alabama

University of Ohio

Baylor University

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Plates are divided into four general sections:

1 – 35: Military Operations in the Field

136 – 161: General Topographic Maps

162 - 171: Military Divisions and Departments

172 – 175: Miscellaneous.